Whispers of a Machine

The strangest of feelings emerge when someone thinks that he’s about to end his mortality and declare himself a god. What could he possibly do? Does the end always justify the means? Even if it is murder? That kind of moral dilemma is the main theme of Raw fury’s latest installment, Whispers Of a Machine and it’s a difficult one to answer.

Announcing Brassheart – A Point and Click Adventure

Brassheart is a new adventure game created by the Hexy Studio team. Set in a dieselpunk universe of the alternative 1920s, the game tells a story of an ingenious engineer’s daughter who stands against the power of Valkiria – a rebel intelligent difference engine. Test your ingenuity in the age of turmoil and technological marvels!

Announcing She and the Light Bearer

She and The Light Bearer is a point and click adventure game, a poem, a fairy tale. Take a journey inside a vibrantly colored forest, meet silly creatures, listen to serene folk musics, and discover its somber secrets.

Gray Matter

The 90s were the golden era of adventure gaming. Companies like Lucas Arts and Sierra, culminated with unforgettable games and shaped what makes a good adventure game. And somewhere there, we meet Jane Jensen. She created one, if not THE one, of the best adventure game series of all time. The Gabriel Knight series. So, when she announced the development of a new game, after her departure from Sierra, the anticipation was very high.