Mini Review – Moebius:Empire Rising

If anyone wants to be considered a serious adventure gamer , i’m sure that not only heard of Jane Jensen but considers her one of the most brilliant story tellers genre and gaming has ever known. On her latest attempt Jane Jensen delivers a suspensed and intruiging story of power ,corruption and twists that will get you off your feet as soon as you hit the play button.

You are Malachi Rector , an ingenious art dealer who’s using his photographic memory to estimate the value and authenticity on various works of art. Soon his services will be required from a government agency to investigate a series of important individuals . Phoenix Online did a good job bringing Moebius to life but still its not the top quality material we’re used to from JJ during the Sierra days. Despite the beautiful backgrounds , character models seem a bit outdated and the animation is far from realistic.

On the other hand the voice acting is fair (it could have been better) but the real treat is the music that brings back memories from the days of Gabriel Knight. Few bugs are also present and some of them are pretty annoying, removing points from the atmosphere the game is trying to create. But you must not be dissapointed !!! Jane Jensen proved that still has it!!! Give Moebius a chance and if you overlook some of its tech flaws you’ll have a unique adventure experience.
** **_3.5/5

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