The world ended 20 years ago today
What a strange, awful anniversary to celebrate.
Twenty years, and this city is still in ruins.
Twenty years and the citizens
are still dying on the streets.
Twenty years and I’m no closer to fixing my mistake….

That dismall post apocalyptic scenery is very popular among writers, filmakers, game designers and for Wadjet eye this is a no brainer choice for its latest masterpiece.

Shardlight its the name of the crystal that emits this glowing green light which paints the post world war III scenery of the game. The blue sky is a thing of the past and the life as we know it has come to perish. The everyday life is burdened with depression, scaveging and thievery but theres is still a shard of hope left in children songs. Aristocrats, the new totalitarian regime that established after the bombs fell, is controlling the resources and manipulates the masses with a lottery in which the winnings are a vaccine, required to survive the “Green Lung” disease.

Aristocrats, the totalitarian regime who controls the available resources and the vaccines for the green lung disease

In this world you play the role of Amy, a mechanic that does lottery jobs in order to provide for herself the so much wanted vaccine. But the last lottery job wasnt like the rest. An encounter with a dying man gave purpose to Amy’s life and courage to fight for something more besides her own existence. A vision, a dream, a tomorrow without striving for survival and maybe a cure for “Green Lung”. In this endeavor Amy meets all sorts of people, wanderers, dreamers, believers but most of all is going to meet her destiny, something that was not ready for.

Amy, our main protagonist

The graphics are well portrayed and if you are a wadjet eye fan this game is an eye candy. The world is alive and full of detail that even surpasses blackwell epiphany’s high standards. The voice acting is one of the best and the music sets the mood right and helps the immersion into the game’s atmosphere.

The riddles was not something great but i can give that 2-3 puzzles were the most clever i’ve ever seen in an adventure game. The use of crossbow is a plus but some of the non plot tasks are very easy and they give the impression of fillers.

Wadjet eye has done it again!!! Every year delivers to the adventure community a quality title that sometimes may fall short on duration but nonetheless constitutes an adventure gem for everyone who considers himself a true adventure gamer.


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