Announcing Brassheart – A Point and Click Adventure

Brassheart is a new adventure game created by the Hexy Studio team. Set in a dieselpunk universe of the alternative 1920s, the game tells a story of an ingenious engineer’s daughter who stands against the power of Valkiria – a rebel intelligent difference engine. Test your ingenuity in the age of turmoil and technological marvels!

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Test your ingenuity in the age of turmoil and technological marvels!

In this point-and-click adventure game, you will follow the spunky pilot Pola Zagorsky on her quest to disrupt the unyielding mechanical army led by a self-aware difference engine, Valkiria. Pola, a young daughter of an eccentric inventor, has to embark on a dangerous journey and find a way to stop the Valkiria’s invasion. With the help of her trusty companions: mechanic Manfred, painter Tamara and automaton Pascal, she will have to uncover her father’s enigmatic inventions and outsmart the malevolent machine.

Visit the alternative world of 1920s, inspired by dieselpunk and art-deco aesthetics. There, Pola follows the clues in her father’s journal that may provide a way of stopping Valkiria, the mechanical brain that commands the invasion. Its construction and inner workings are veiled in secrecy but the immense computing power influenced a technological revolution that defines the world of Brassheart. Sprawling networks of engines, antigravity generators and automatons are all created with Valkiria’s influence. It was only after the shady machinations of Baron Dürr, that the engine turned to militaristic expansion and gathered a loyal army.

Pola’s quest against Valkiria and her Loyalists will lead her to many unique locations, from breathtaking European palaces to the himalayan mountains. She will encounter an ensemble of colorful characters: barons and countesses entangled in high-society intrigues, spies, criminals, adventurers and inventors. Manfred and Tamara will provide support and banter along the way, but it’s Pascal, a small, curious automaton, that will become Pola’s inseparable companion, providing clues and unlocking secrets.

Uncover mysteries and overcome obstacles through clever thinking and improvisation. You’ll have a chance to utilize some crazy inventions in this twisted timeline: lasers, robots, airships and more! Fix mechanisms, solve puzzles and come up with creative solutions to head-scratching problems. Will you find the Brassheart and save the world from Valkiria’s dominion?

source: GameBoomers

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