Enypnion becomes reality on Windows PC

No matter where we go in life, we’ll never travel anywhere stranger than the realms of our own imaginations. This proves to be true once again in the recently released Enypnion, a short new point-and-click adventure from the creator of Yet Another Hero Story.

The game stars a boy named Jonathan, who finds himself trapped in the “surreal and strange world” of his own dreams one night. Accompanied by a mysterious spirit guide, the young protagonist will now need to traverse this “world of his own creation” in order to escape. Along the way, players will need to help him “pass through obstacles, escape dangers, and finally learn something about himself.”

Much like the developer’s previous game, Enypnion is a lovely hand-painted third-person adventure. Here, however, instead of bright colors and a fairytale fantasy world, players will face a much darker, more ominous environment of castles, caves, and eerie magical forests comprising more than twenty different locations. It’s also intended to be a much shorter experience, clocking in at only about an hour or so of play time, and budget-priced accordingly.

If you’re up for delving the depths of one boy’s subconscious, you can do so right away as Enypnion is available now on Steam for Windows PC.

Source : Adventuregamers

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