Announcing Where Birds Go to Sleep

In development by Quiet Little Feet, Where Birds Go to Sleep is an emotional narrative-driven adventure set in a fictional Near East-inspired land, brought to life in a painterly artstyle, with voice-acted dialogue and original score. Become the whisper in the subconscious of a sadistic criminal, on a gruelling church mission to chart new lands shrouded in a mind-altering fog. Contemplate on your actions; fail to justify them and you might find the protagonist not heeding your commands. Regret or rejoice, grieve or laugh together… or independently of each other. There will be consequences.


An island has appeared in the distant sea. Only two days sail away, it cannot be seen from the mainland. It is the convicts and the displaced who are selected, and shipped off to chart this land. You are one of them. In Where Birds Go To Sleep, you slip into the unconscious of Cormo, a churlish sailor-turned-smuggler, only ever influencing his actions, never directly assuming control. To find a cure for your sister’s sickness, you sneak your way into a dangerous expedition to explore that island, reserved only for the worst prisoners. There, you will get to know a handful of very special, deeply developed and fully realised characters. Become their friend, get to know their secrets, manipulate or abuse them to your, or Cormo’s will. One of the first characters you will meet is Dunlin – a noble-born, young man who is steadfast in his moral and religious principles. But what must a purebred like him be guilty of to end up here with you?


  • Introspect: Reflect on your actions along with the protagonist; exchange your thoughts on what happened; regret or rejoice, grieve or laugh together… or independently of each other.
  • Choices: There is no “Mission Failed”; saying “No” opens new avenues. There is no golden path.
  • Consequences: Lie to others, and you’ll be more likely to hide the truth from yourself. Fail to justify your actions and you might find your character not heeding your commands.
  • Narrative: Sprawling, naturally flowing dialogue: react in intense back-and-forth conversations.
  • Survive: You must prepare for every journey inland, anticipating the challenges ahead. The provisions are scarce… but the others need them less than you.
  • You’re NOT fully in control: you are the whisper in the back of the mind. Manipulate your crew-mates and your protagonist into doing your bidding… and deal with the mental toll.

Source: Official Game Page

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