The Longest Road on Earth Launches Today

Experience a collection of wordless stories narrated by heartfelt songs today as The Longest Road on Earth (TLROE) hits its May 27 release. This game is the pure creative expression of Brainwash Gang and TLR Games, and contains a soundtrack of 24 original tracks, written and performed by the talented Beícoli which serve to accentuate the impact of its wordless stories. 

Published by indie game publisher Raw Fury, TLROE follows the everyday lives of different characters, telling relatable tales, spread out over four individual chapters. The monochrome design and mechanically light controls are meant to be relaxing; allowing the focus to fall on what is being seen and heard without the distraction of a possible game over.

With no dialog and very limited text, each story, and the meanings behind them are open to interpretation. Jump into and live the lives of characters facing feelings of freedom, loss, gratitude, and joy. 


  • Stunning, monochrome pixel-art evokes feelings of time past and longing. 
  • An incredible soundtrack of +20 songs; each tailored to emphasizes the emotion of each scene, sung by the talented Beícoli
  • Relax and drift away into song. Minimal player engagement ensures the focus is on the music and visuals. 
  • Open to interpretation. The absence of dialogue and purposeful ambiguity leaves every story up to the player to determine its meaning.  

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