Who we are

We are Bill and Helen and we are siblings. Besides the obvious resemblance we share a common passion for point ‘n’ click adventure games. This website is an endeavor that aims to bring forth not only our love for the genre and everything around it, but also an attempt to document and revisit some of the most iconic adventures that defined our youth and shaped our love for these games.

What you will see in this site

In this site you’ll get the chance to know about new releases of our favorite genre and the same time to remember how it was like in the glory days of adventure gaming.

There’s a good chance that you may stumble upon this kind of situation


What you will NOT see in this site

We don’t do FPS, strategies or action adventures. We’re all about adventure gaming in its purest form. Riddles, puzzles, and whimsical dialogues between trolls and wannabe pirates.

if you’re here for that kind of games, then you’re in the **WRONG** place

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