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    Monkey Island returns in Return to Monkey Island

    The legendary Lucasarts adventure series Monkey Island will return later this year with an all new game, appropriately entitled Return to Monkey Island, headed up by original series creator Ron Gilbert. Return to Monkey Island is being developed by Gilbert’s Terrible Toybox studio, in collaboration with Devolver Digital and Lucasfilm Games, the legendary studio label resurrected by Disney in early 2021. The announcement trailer doesn’t reveal anything about the story (or why Ron Gilbert agreed to make another Monkey Island game after all these years), but the game will follow on Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, and so apparently be unrelated to Telltale’s 2009 Tales of Monkey Island, the last…

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    90s Mystery Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut is Available Now

    All of the mystery and ‘90s style is coming back with the release of Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut. This overhaul of the 2016 point & click detective mystery aims to improve and expand upon the original with updated features like additional puzzles, new locations, and over 700 fully-voiced lines of extra dialogue. On top of expanded gameplay, all owners of the original game will also be eligible for a loyalty discount of -50% off this new installment. Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam and GOG as well as Android and iOS, with a version for Nintendo Switch coming in the very, very near…

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    Skábma: Snowfall forecast for early next year

    Adventure games often feature stories based on mythology and history, and in recent years there has been an uptick in the number of titles that celebrate the cultural heritage of previously overlooked indigenous communities from around the world. Red Stage Entertainment’s upcoming Skábma: Snowfall is another such game, drawing inspiration from the traditions of the Northern European Sámi people. 

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    The Longest Road on Earth Launches Today

    Experience a collection of wordless stories narrated by heartfelt songs today as The Longest Road on Earth (TLROE) hits its May 27 release. This game is the pure creative expression of Brainwash Gang and TLR Games, and contains a soundtrack of 24 original tracks, written and performed by the talented Beícoli which serve to accentuate the impact of its wordless stories. 

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    Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut is Coming to Steam This Year

    Just in time for Steam’s Big Adventure Event, Clifftop Games and Raw Fury are reigniting a catalogue classic with Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut, full of new content, atmosphere, and an unforgettable mystery. 01/21/2021 – Stockholm – Return to Conwell Springs when the award-winning adventure Kathy Rain re-emerges in the Director’s Cut edition, featuring an extended story with more puzzles to solve and new areas to explore. Witness the rise of an iconic detective as you uncover a dark and sinister truth hiding beneath the calm exterior of a small rural town.

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    The Office Quest punches in on Steam later this month

    Most people play games to escape the tedium of working at the office. But what if the game was about escaping the tedium of working at the office? This ironic challenge is at the heart of 11Sheep’s appropriately-titled comic point-and-click adventure The Office Quest. Anyone who’s ever worked a monotonous desk job knows the drill: “Wake up in the morning. Take a shower. Have some breakfast. Commute to your office. Sit in front of your computer for eight hours. Go back home. Watch some sports on TV. Go to sleep. Repeat. Clicking the same keys on the same keyboard, sitting on the same desk, talking to the same people.” So…

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    Unforeseen Incidents Launch Date

    We’re happy to announce that Unforeseen Incidents will launch May 24th, 2018!  When small-town handyman Harper Pendrell meets a dying woman in the street, he unwittingly stumbles into a diabolical conspiracy – a mystery only he can solve. An unknown disease is spreading across the country, and between them a scientist, a reporter and a reclusive artist hold the key to stopping it. A perilous journey awaits, and every step brings Harper closer to a cabal of dangerous fanatics. Before he knows it, he finds himself in a fight for the future of humankind armed only with his trusty multi-tool. Can Harper find the courage to expose the truth and…

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    Mini Review – Moebius:Empire Rising

    If anyone wants to be considered a serious adventure gamer , i’m sure that not only heard of Jane Jensen but considers her one of the most brilliant story tellers genre and gaming has ever known. On her latest attempt Jane Jensen delivers a suspensed and intruiging story of power ,corruption and twists that will get you off your feet as soon as you hit the play button. You are Malachi Rector , an ingenious art dealer who’s using his photographic memory to estimate the value and authenticity on various works of art. Soon his services will be required from a government agency to investigate a series of important individuals…