The world ended 20 years ago today
What a strange, awful anniversary to celebrate.
Twenty years, and this city is still in ruins.
Twenty years and the citizens
are still dying on the streets.
Twenty years and I’m no closer to fixing my mistake….

Darkblood Chronicle

You are Samantha (aka Sam), a lonely girl who recently lost her mother and lives with her father. They’re both trying to recover from this tragic event, but it has taken a toll on their relationship. One not so ordinary day, Sam wakes up from a terrible nightmare and gets ready to go to school. She gets on the bus and arrives at the school building. But, something is off. There is nobody inside. It looks like everybody disappeared. You meet Ethan, another student and suddenly, you’re attacked by a monster. Where did it come from? Where did everybody go? And why you feel like somebody is watching your every move?

Mini Review – Moebius:Empire Rising

If anyone wants to be considered a serious adventure gamer , i’m sure that not only heard of Jane Jensen but considers her one of the most brilliant story tellers genre and gaming has ever known. On her latest attempt Jane Jensen delivers a suspensed and intruiging story of power ,corruption and twists that will get you off your feet as soon as you hit the play button.

Kathy Rain

The adventure games genre is regulated by ambiguous rules. Many times a game will be criticized for its graphics while on the same time its low resolution graphics will be praised. The AGS engine has been on the line of fire for quite a few times in both cases. But when a game serves its purpose and simultaneously pays homage to the founders of the genre, graphics and the rest of the technological parameters are put aside. Kathy Rain proves that with the above you can make an adventure so fresh, while at the same time it subtly reminds us all those elements and influences that led to its creation.

The Samarithan Paradox

Samaritan Paradox is coming to us from Sweden and is the piece of work by Petter Ljungqvist which as he points out, the plot is a mix between the work of Stieg Larsson and the brothers Grimm. Let’s see what secrets and paradoxes Samaritan Paradox holds for us.