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    Whispers Of A Machine

    The strangest of feelings emerge when someone thinks that he’s about to end his mortality and declare himself a god. What could he possibly do? Does the end always justify the means? Even if it is murder? That kind of moral dilemma is the main theme of Raw fury’s latest installment, Whispers Of a Machine and it’s a difficult one to answer.

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    Lost Horizon 2

    There are two rules in life. 1st rule is when something is likely to go wrong will probably go (Murphy’s law) and the second rule is that the sequel does not exceed the high standards of the 1st. The exceptions you think exist, exist only to confirm the above rules. For those who disagree, proceed immediately with the review below. Before proceeding to my criticism I would like to make it clear that the first and second Lost Horizon games, I played them back to back and so the experience of each game and any comparisons it was reasonable to do next. I liked the first Lost Horizon since it…

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    Sherlock Holmes – The Devil’s daughter

    Frogwares, the company behind the successful Sherlock Holmes franchise is back with their latest installment, giving us a new Sherlock Holmes adventure, while maintaining the same time the game mechanics that were introduced in Crimes and Punishments. But unlike the title, the Devil lies in the details, and sometimes that’s what this is all about.

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    Gray Matter

    The 90s were the golden era of adventure gaming. Companies like Lucas Arts and Sierra, culminated with unforgettable games and shaped what makes a good adventure game. And somewhere there, we meet Jane Jensen. She created one, if not THE one, of the best adventure game series of all time. The Gabriel Knight series. So, when she announced the development of a new game, after her departure from Sierra, the anticipation was very high. Here in Europe, it was released early 2011 and surprisingly, I wasn’t that much hyped to play it right away. But, when I decided to get my hands on it, I was blown away!! And I…

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    Claire is one of those little gems you discover browsing Steam when you are stumped and don’t know what to play next. You want entertainment, but you want a bit of a challenge too. A bit of adventure game and a bit of action element. Claire begins with our titular protagonist caring for her sick mother at the hospital. She wants to grab a coffee, so she visits the cafeteria to get some. After that, the hospital environment becomes twisted and barely recognizable. Decay, nightmarish creatures that hunt Claire and memories of the past that haunt her mind appear… The hospital’s changed environment. The gameplay is typical for action games…

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    The Office Quest punches in on Steam later this month

    Most people play games to escape the tedium of working at the office. But what if the game was about escaping the tedium of working at the office? This ironic challenge is at the heart of 11Sheep’s appropriately-titled comic point-and-click adventure The Office Quest. Anyone who’s ever worked a monotonous desk job knows the drill: “Wake up in the morning. Take a shower. Have some breakfast. Commute to your office. Sit in front of your computer for eight hours. Go back home. Watch some sports on TV. Go to sleep. Repeat. Clicking the same keys on the same keyboard, sitting on the same desk, talking to the same people.” So…

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    1954 : Alcatraz

    Daedalic is known for its attention to detail. Every major project that bears the Deadalic emblem guarantees the quality and the success of the whole endeavor . Especially when it’s about a game based on the famous Alcatraz prison, which , until this day, captivates us with its stories. But like the saying goes “The road to failure is full with great expectations” and in this case seems to be a fitting one. Our story begins in 1954 inside the famous Alcatraz prison, where Joe, one of our protagonists serves his sentence for a robbery when his accomplices are yet to be arrested. Joe is under a lot of pressure…

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    Rogue Quest: The Vault of the Lost Tyrant Review

    The theme of treasure hunting is very popular among literature, films and games. Rogue Quest is not an exception, but it struggles to make it somewhat different. You play the role of Cassandra Nech, a member of the renowned Rogue’s Guild and you just discovered the treasure of the infamous Sea Tyrant, a past warlord. But, your mission has been compromised and you have to find a way to claim the riches and save yourself. Rogue Quest is a short game. And by short, I mean that the game took me about 30 – 40 minutes of gameplay, but since I wanted to get all the achievements on Steam (I’m…